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"Acacia Daken brings a fragile authenticity to the role in her Black Swan State Theatre Company debut. Daken’s performance embodied the fragility of someone with physical and mental trauma with absolute believability; her inner conflict and the crippling nature of her anxiety from PTSD was palpable.


Daken carries the audience into her imagination inviting us into the inner world of safety and friendship she has with her glass animals."

"Acacia Daken, who brilliantly shows off the character's fragility. Laura is somewhat the focal point of the second act and you can't help but wanting her to succeed thanks to Daken's performance having been drawn deeply into the character through a slow burn introduction."


"There are traps in the characterisation of Laura, but Daken avoids them with a sweetness and calm that makes her sad fate all the more desperate when it overwhelms her."

"As Procne, Acacia Daken shows us the intense loneliness of a dignified and intelligent women forced to live in an alien culture where thoughts and feelings are unshared."

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