Acacia is an established accent coach, specialising in the Standard American dialect.
Accents are no longer an extra skill but a necessity to working within the industry. Mastering the Standard American dialect is crucial for those wanting to broaden their opportunities.

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There are a number of reasons why you may want accent training: to bridge the gap to working in the States, to make yourself more marketable for agents…. Dare I say to have fun! But the big one – don’t wait for an opportunity to come and be rushing around trying to learn an accent that takes years to master! You want to be able to focus on the audition in front of you and be confident that your accent will be there. My advice would be start now!

What happens in an accent class?

Accent work is a very individual process and some people will need more time on certain accents than others. In my sessions, whether we are working in Standard American or any other accent, you will be taken through the placement or 'oral posture' of the accent, key vowel and consonant changes, melody, conversational tips and speech 'give aways', as well as text work.
Like any skill it must be consistently worked to be maintained to the highest level. Actors need to have an organic accent in both script work and in conversation. Both of these aspects will be developed in sessions, along with vocal skills and exercises.
I have worked with children and adults at a number of different acting studios in Australia, as well as alongside agencies, coaching talent when needed. Sessions are catered to the need of the actor, be it a one off, audition specific, or ongoing classes with goals of heading to LA.
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My training

Along with a Masters in Professional Acting from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and a Bachelor in Drama Education, I have trained in speech and voice from a young age. In 2012 and 2013 I ventured to LA to further my training with top voice coaches including the accomplished Bob Corff. Over the past few years, through copious research and practice I have begun to develop my own process of teaching the Standard American accent in a straightforward and relaxed fashion – no need to feel daunted!
I am very excited to have returned to Bristol Old Vic this year to complete my MFA in Voice and help shape the course in its inaugural year.  

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Session types & Pricing

For current prices please contact me using the form below. 

1hour Refresher

Ideally suited to students with past experience working in the accent or for those seeking specific audition prep.
Sessions can be adjusted to 1.5/2 hours

Introductory Pass

3x 1 hour classes.
Introduces the basics of the accent, including placement and key sound changes.

5 Class Pass

5x 1 hour classes.
Enables us to cover all the important factors of the accent in detail. Including: placement, vowel and consonant changes, melody, sound and speech 'give aways' and conversational tips.


I have been working as a dialect coach since 2012 and the response has been phenomenal! It has been wonderful to see students now working in LA & London feeling much more confident in their abilities.


 "Acacia Daken was everything I could have asked for in a teacher. Having had previous difficulties trying to learn the Standard American Dialect by myself from books with zero success, I was a little apprehensive to start lessons. But Acacia instantly put me at ease. Her approach is very thorough but had plenty of patience and kindness for me when my brain was struggling at times. I could not recommend anyone better for all your dialect needs, do yourself a favour and learn with the best!" 



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